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pred report

Post by cre77 » 29 Dec 2018, 06:30

Your Byond Key: Cre77

Your Character Name: the Young Runner (560)

Accused Byond Key(if known): iunno

Character Name: Akl'iiya Quatza-rii

Approximate time and date of the incident (Central US Time for fastest results): 4:50~

What rule(s) were broken: Rule 2. Roleplay.

Description of the incident:

Alright, so cue me, young runner, fresh outta downtown hive larva nursery. I walk out of our default queen hive on prison and lo and behold - a pred. Smacking weeds and sticky resin in the civ hub, miles away from the battlefield at the eastern part of the station. I'm a bit confused, so I politely ask him why he was damaging our hive (of course momentarily forgetting about language barriers), to which I got three consecutive strikes to my face, only having time to say "Really" in between. I get dragged away by the defender before the pred can finish the job, Queen Mother bless their soul. Once I come back, carefully staying on the edge of the screen this time, I only see that the pred left immediately after, and a drone already replanted the weeds the pred so diligently cleaned up.

This really confused me. CM poses as an MRP server, with preds supposedly being up there with HRP tier gameplay, all the whitelists and whatnot. They're supposed to represent the best qualities CM has to offer, to distance themselves away from the marines' internet memes in IC and aliens' mindless slaughtering, but all I got from this interaction was this wannabe greytider. I asked the resident trialmod, only getting the answer of "preds should be handled in reports and to make sure they actually broke honor code".

This isn't a "I ONLY HUGGED PRED ONCE AND HE KILLED ME WTF" report, this is more of a general question towards the predator council I was referred to in vague terms.
Can preds do anything as long as honor code is not broken, or are they supposed to have at least some reasoning towards their actions?

I know, this may be very petty, but I just want to finally figure out what preds make of themselves and what they really are.

Evidence (screenshots, logs, etc):
screenshot from when i came back:

How you would punish the accused:
Depending on what stance CM has on predators, either a slap on the wrist "don't-do-it-again" or nothing at all.
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Re: pred report

Post by Nick123q23 » 29 Dec 2018, 06:48

Hello, I'm the predator in the report.

I typically clear sticky resin when I'm moving through an area to allow me to disengage quickly from xenomorphs I don't plan on killing, since sticky resin slows predators down to a crawl if they try to move through it. As claustrophobic as the prison station is, this can prevent a real problem to a hunter's survival.

If a runner gets too close to me, I smack them so they don't get buddy buddy with me. I had no intention of killing you as young runners aren't the most valuable of prey.

I'm glad you cared enough about predator behavior to report me for something you thought was unbecoming of our roleplay standards though.
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Re: pred report

Post by solidfury7 » 29 Dec 2018, 07:27

Just a heads up, all new reports should be on the new forums.
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