README - Applying for the Predator Whitelist

The hunt begins.
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  • Anyone may "vote" on an application by writing a +1 or -1, but you must also give a reason. The votes are not technically counted, but they may provide useful insight that Head Staff will use to judge an application.
  • Head Staff reserve the right to deny any application if we feel an applicant has had too many bans, negative notes, or other problems to deserve being whitelisted.
  • Advertising applications on the forum, in game, or discord is not allowed. Begging for +1/-1 will result in bans
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README - Applying for the Predator Whitelist

Post by Rahlzel » 14 Dec 2016, 19:51

While Xenomorphs utilize strength in numbers and Marines utilize strength in weaponry, the Predator brings strength in technology. Yet even when stripped of gadgets the Predator is still a formidable foe. An entire society built around The Hunt gives tribute to the most deadly, efficient, and cunning creature known to exist.

Predator players employ the use of a large loadout of tools and weapons meant solely for hunting and killing prey. A few include a mask with several variations of vision, glaives and wrist blades for melee combat, deployable snares to trap and maim, a shoulder cannon to stun distant prey or open new paths through walls, and a cloaking device to watch and wait.

This role is not an easy one. It is consistently shunned and berated for being overpowered and unnecessary. We seek players that are able to reign in bloodlust and instead pursue very few, carefully-chosen targets that make honorable prey, all the while using roleplay to stalk, trap, kill, and extract trophies. The ability to communicate with humans is available and can occasionally construct a flimsy cease-fire or to gift a worthy human of a trophy in rare circumstances.

The Predator is a roleplay role like other whitelisted positions. He or she is expected to uphold a higher degree of roleplay than is typically familiar to the average player. They adhere to a strict code that upholds honor above all else, along with the server rules. Though some rare exceptions are made in unique roleplay scenarios, Predator players that deviate from a simple summary of "kill honorably or die honorably" will not remain on the whitelist for long.

The following requirements apply to all Predator applicants:
  • Everyone must apply to be added to the Predator Whitelist - including staff.
  • Your forum account must be at least 1 month old before submitting an app.
  • You will only have 1 hour after submitting an application to make any edits, then you'll be locked out.
  • Pre-existing clans from the books/movies are forbidden. You can share clan names with other players, but you need permission from the leader first.
  • To be accepted, at least a Head Staff or Seniors must +1 your application.
  • If you are denied, you may not re-apply for 3 months (from date of denial)
In order to submit an application, you must do the following:
  • Post a new topic in this forum and fill out the supplied template in the body of the post.
Good luck!