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Alexshreds - Dev App

Posted: 06 Dec 2018, 12:26
by Alexshreds
Byond ID: Alexshreds

Age: 20

Gender: M

How would you define yourself? (Coder, Mapper, Spriter): Coder

If Coder, what languages?

- Verilog for developing hardware based logic units, FPGA programming, etc.
- C/C++ for data analysis and micro-controller programming without assembly.
- DM, learned from personal contributions and a couple mentors a couple years ago.
- Technically assembly but i'm still in the process of becoming efficient.

Any previous experience developing with SS13?
Contributed to Paradise from 2016-2017 and some to the the WWII server that did exist not too long ago.
Most contributions to Paradise were bug fixes. I ended up slowly stopping over a period of time due to sunken cost of projects that were eventually not accepted by the maintainers for
BYOND/clientside reasons.

As for Kachnov's nightmare, I was helping them out with a modular attachment system and scope zooming. Stopped contributing due to the drama and blatant unprofessionalism by the rest of
the team.

Proof of any previous or current work:

Here is, for example, a simple computer control unit I wrote in verilog: (expires after 1 week)

And here is my github account:

How well do you know Git?

Started with TorGit but for me it was more of a nightmare, some of my early contributions have repo errors because of this. Now I use GitHub Desktop/Command line with atom's git interface
with little to no problem.

Your primary job is server development, not policing the server. You may be given Moderator-level of access but you should *not* be invoking any administrative actions unless there are no moderators or Admins online. Do you understand? (Yes/No) Yes, very much.

Anything else you'd like to add?
If you'd like more non-DM references, I can PM them to you.

Re: Alexshreds - Dev App

Posted: 06 Dec 2018, 17:41
by awan
I just send you the coder test.
That is quite important on if we hire you.
We will reply once we receive it filled out.

Re: Alexshreds - Dev App

Posted: 13 Dec 2018, 04:02
by awan
Just an update I put the dev apps on the agenda for the meeting this weekend.

Re: Alexshreds - Dev App

Posted: 15 Dec 2018, 20:40
by Deanthelis
After deliberation during the dev meeting today, we have elected to accept your application. I will contact you tomorrow with additional information and get you situated with your permissions, gitlab, and etc.